Abascal consumes with the "revelation" Pepa Millán the new Vox: more feminine, younger and without founders

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He millan phenomenon He was born almost a year ago, at the beginning of September. Pedro Sánchez appeared at the Senate to report on the energy saving plan activated by the Government against inflation. An unknown senator spoke on behalf of Vox and, despite her parliamentary inexperience, she rebuked the president without hesitation. She accused him of being “the problem” of Spain, and of leading the country towards a “national suicide”. Only one thing surprised more than her forceful tone against Sánchez: his age. He then he was 27 years old.

Pepa Millan (Cabra, Córdoba, 1995) will continue breaking records today when he debuts at the Congress of Deputies as one of the youngest spokespersons in memory in the history of Spanish parliamentarianism. She assumes the voice of Vox at a sensitive moment, after the departure of Iván Espinosa de los Monteros and still assimilating the electoral shock that makes the party go back 19 seats after losing more than 600,000 votes. But the confidence of Santiago Abascal In its new spokesperson, the youngest of its group, it is absolute to represent its three million voters and maintain its own profile with both the PSOE and the Popular Party.

The Vox leadership had monitored Millán’s brilliant political escalation for months and considers her one of its great emerging talents. It was, she admits a high command of Vox, a “revelation” in a difficult place in the last year as the Senate has been, where she arrived in 2022 after being a party adviser in the Andalusian Parliament.

With the appointment of Millán, Abascal executes an important generational change in Vox. He has been telling this newspaper in recent days: the abandonment of Espinosa de los Monteros, together with the displacement of Javier Ortega Smith and the break with Macarena People it opens a window of opportunity for the youngest profiles of Vox to make their way into the party’s organization chart. Figures like Ignacio Garriga, general secretary; Ignacio Hoces; Deputy Secretary of Institutional, or Juan García-Gallardo, Vice President of Castilla y León, have been gaining weight in the last year as part of this progressive restructuring that was replacing a good part of the founders of Vox who were still at the controls. What’s more, from the photo of the leadership of the group that broke into Congress in 2019, only Abascal remains active today.

But the landing of Millán, a lawyer, delves into this new, more youthful dynamic – other candidates who sounded like possible spokespersons until the last minute were Hoces, José María Figaredo or Rocío de Meerand who will now have an important role in the Chamber, are under 40 years old- and with a greater female presence in decision-making.

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