Actor Lew Palter, who played Isidor Straus in ‘Titanic,’ dies at 94

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The actor Lew Palter, who played the old man who waited for the sinking of the Titanic lying next to his wife in bed in the legendary James Cameron film, has died at the age of 94. This is confirmed by media such as ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, who has spoken with his daughter , Catherine Palter, who has revealed that the actor died last May from lung cancer he suffered.

Palter played Isidor Straus, a department store tycoon aboard the Titanic in the film. In addition, throughout his long professional career he has participated in other films such as The First Monday in October (1981); in series like ‘The Flying Nun’ (1967) or ‘Sad Song of Hill Street’ (1981); and has directed plays.

In addition, Palter worked teaching classes at the CalArts theater school until 2013, where, according to ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, he assures that he gave lessons to renowned actors and actresses such as Ed Harris, Don Cheadle or Cecily Strong.

This news comes barely a week after the disappearance of the Titanthe submarine that imploded while on a voyage with five people on board to search for wreckage from the Titanic in the North Atlantic.

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