Alberto Ammann: "Today the fascists and neo-Nazis in suits and ties rule"

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So far from 2009 to now, Alberto Ammann (Cordoba, Argentina, 1978) He has been a Lope de Vega with a soft (very soft) Buenos Aires accent, a relentless drug trafficker or a sanguine prison officer, with a lot of heart. Let’s say that yours is a career that looks the same from one side to the other (and even in the Mars series, there too), in the movies or on TV, in Spanish or English.

Now premieres Upon entry (The arrival), by Alejandro Rojas and Juan Sebastián Vasquez, a work for which he received an award at the last Malaga Festival. Suddenly, the cruelest of mobsters, the most prolific of writers and the most versatile of actors (all of which are or have been Ammann) finds himself a vulnerable, threatened and defenseless immigrant at the United States border.

Argentine, but based in Madrid. Universal actor, but director together with his wife of an almost family theater school. Committed and voracious. He’s not so much a contradictory guy, as he’s happy with every one of his contradictions.

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