Alfonso Guerra joins the socialists critical of the amnesty to "gangster" Puigdemont: "It does not fit at all in the Constitution"

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Alfonso Guerra has added its voice to those of the socialists critical of the demands made by the pro-independence parties in exchange for their support for the investiture of Pedro Sanchez. “We are in a tricky controversy, which is to discuss whether or not the amnesty fits into the Constitution. Before discussing that we have to discuss whether this amnesty is fair, if it is a pure or impure act, and then we will see if it fits, why true it does not fit at all”, has affirmed the ex vice-president of the Government. “Do not do it because it is very serious,” he has warned the current leadership of Ferraz.

In an interview at La Cope, whoever was the right hand of Felipe Gonzalez He has said that “amnesties are granted to erase the past”, as was done in 1977 when the dictatorship ended and democracy began. “Then, I tell you: ‘Everything old that you did we erased. Why? Because you were fighting against a dictatorial regime. It was illegal from the point of view of the laws of the dictatorship, but it was not illegal morally. We erase what you did, you did not commit a crime. Now it is intended that in a democratic system we move on to a non-democratic one, because we are going to erase this stage, 45 years of democracy, and we are starting another one,” he argued.

In addition, he has harshly criticized the visit of Yolanda Diaz to Brussels to meet Carlos Puigdemont: “That trip is a true infamy because it turns everything a democrat believes in upside down. A man who carries out a coup, who declares an area of ​​the country independent, who according to him creates a republic in Catalonia, who later cowardly like a low-class gangster gets into a trunk to escape, to avoid being held accountable by justice, that he goes to Waterloo in a tremendous palace that surely we have all paid for (…) and that a vice president of the Government is going to negotiate with this guy seems to me an infamy against democracy”.

Guerra has graphically compared Sánchez’s concessions to the independence movement with a sausage. “And it is that they cut a slice: now only the pardons. Hey, now the crime disappears [de sedición] of the Penal Code. Now it is embezzlement, which we are going to reduce. Now it’s amnesty. Then will come self-determination, the referendum… The sausage technique, or perhaps we should say chorizo ​​thinking about who makes it. And in the end they have eaten it whole. And they have massaged society so that it accepts one after another the issues that are deconstructing the democratic society of 1978”, he stressed.

for the ex number two from La Moncloa it is “intolerable” that this “aggressive character who now leads the roost with 1.6% of the votes”, alluding to the politician who fled to Belgium and the result of Together for Catalonia (JxCat) in the last general elections, say that the call for the 1-O referendum was legal “when they rose up against the Constitution and against democracy”: “No, no, they were coup leaders. And the Supreme Court has condemned. The Supreme Court must be rampaging with desolation. What is happening? It is happening that democracy is repressive and the coup plotters are the democrats, the pure, the liberators… That is unbearable”.

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