An 84-year-old Spanish activist climbs a ladder to retake a Human Rights headquarters

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The Spanish activist of 84 years Amparo Carvajal climbed this Tuesday with the help of a ladder to the terrace of the headquarters of the private Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (APDHB), in an attempt to retake the building occupied more than a month ago by a group related to the Government of Luis Arce.

“I had to go out and buy a good ladder after the vigil, but they were surprised thinking that I couldn’t climb it, but I was able to,” Carvajal told the media, including Efe.

carvajal For almost 40 days, he held a vigil at the back door of the building of the Apdhb in La Paz, after a group of people, at the beginning of June, entered the institution to evict activists who work there and then take those environments.

Since then, The Police guard the headquarters of the Apdhb.

The leaders led by Édgar Salazar, an activist known to have affinity with the ruling party, assert that they have the rights to the property and the legal representation of the institution because they were supposedly elected as its representatives in December 2021, in an election unknown by the sectors led by Carvajal.

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