An acquitted ETA member may request compensation after spending three years in provisional prison

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the etarra Miren’s Sea Knightacquitted of the murder of Manuel Giménez Abad, you will be able to claim compensation from the State for the three years you have spent in provisional prison. Last Tuesday, the willow She was released when the court concluded that there was insufficient evidence to consider her the author of the attack that in May 2001 ended the life of the then president of the PP of Aragon.

The sentence, which will be notified in the coming days, may still be appealed before the Supreme Court, but if it is not appealed or the High Court endorses the acquittal, the willow will have in his hand to file a claim for “abnormal operation of the Administration of Justice.”

Traditionally this was a difficult path that rarely ended with compensation. But in 2019 the Constitutional Court opened its hand and established that any pretrial detention that did not end in a conviction was compensable. Until then, those prisons that were justified by the presence of evidence of crime, even if there was no conviction at the end, were not compensated.

After the intervention of the TC, the law currently establishes that those who, after having suffered preventive detention, are acquitted, will have the “right to compensation”. […]».

the willow She was arrested on this day in 2020, so on Tuesday, when she was released, she had three days left to serve three years in preventive custody. A man imprisoned for Islamism was recently granted by the National Court 450.000 euros of compensation for a pretrial detention of almost three years.

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