An Israeli-Russian academic kidnapped in Iraq

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From observing, studying and commenting on the events in this troubled region, Elizabeth Tsurkov comes to star, much to her regret, in a case that greatly worries both her country and, above all, her family. This Israeli academic, who also has Russian nationality, was kidnapped by a pro-Iranian militia four months ago in Iraq, Israel has revealed.

“I last spoke to her in March before her kidnapping. It was a normal conversation. Every time I sent her photos of my son, she responded, but on that occasion, after 12 hours without an answer, I realized something was wrong. We kicked her out. miss you,” said her sister Emma sadly shortly after the prime minister’s office, Benjamin Netanyahuannounced that it is in the hands of the pro-Iranian Shiite militia Kataib Hezbollah on Iraqi territory.

Elizabeth Tsurkov She is still alive and we consider Iraq responsible for her fate and safety,” says the official statement about a country that does not maintain diplomatic relations with Israel. As part of her studies, the academic arrived in Baghdad with her Russian passport as she did to others countries, such as Syria, that do not recognize Israel and consider themselves enemies.

“She is not a Mossad agent,” Israeli sources clarify to dispel doubts and suspicions that could complicate her release. In Jerusalem it is hoped that the fact that she is a Russian national and was in Iraq because of her doctorate from Princeton University will contribute to a happy outcome. In other words, it is not just about a Jewish Israeli kidnapped by an armed group in the orbit of Israel’s great enemy (Iran) but about a respected expert in the region who is also a Russian citizen and conducts research for a prestigious American university.

“We are deeply concerned for your safety and well-being and we can’t wait for you to be reunited with your family and resume their studies,” Princeton University spokesman Michael Hotchkiss has reacted to the disappearance of one of his academics whom he praised.

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