And Just Like That: reasons to love it and hate it

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And Just Like That…has been renewed for a third season, so let’s not go now that we don’t see it. The sequel to Sex in New York It has been one of the most analyzed, commented and hated series in recent years. And since the views of viewers who only use it as a basis for their witty and cruel comments (you can’t see me, but I’m raising my hand and nodding my head), count the same when counting the total audience, And Just Like That… 1, we 0. What’s more: And Just Like That… 3.

Now, let’s be fair and give Darren Star and Sarah Jessica Parker’s artifact some merits. The creator of Sex in New York and its protagonist, promoted first to producer and then to semi-television deity, They have done some things well with its sequel. Apart from getting millions of people to see it. Sorry: let’s see it.

In a quite predictable turn of events, a new current of opinion, favorable to And Just Like That…has become stronger in recent months. And his arguments are, at the very least, worth taking into account. What if the series wasn’t so bad?

Faced with the majority hate-contempt for Che (Sara Ramírez), admiration for his inclusion, as orthopedic as (perhaps for that reason) bravely stubborn, in a series in which he could not hit less. Hey, non-binary and pansexual (I’ve stopped nodding and I’m making a scared face in case I haven’t used the correct terms), it’s one of the many windows that And Just Like That… Open to air out your environment. Both she and the three non-white women that complete the female panorama of the series are the perfect excuse for those who immediately talk about “forced inclusion” in fiction. That the original quartet of Sex in New York is expanded transversally is a narrative disaster, we give that to those who shout “dictatorship woke!” However… wouldn’t it be worse to have continued to populate the series with rich white women? Since in And Just Like That… Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte don’t have any kind of, as Chanel Terrero would say, problema monetaryseeing Che with a normal job and fragile finances builds a small bridge not so much towards the viewer but above all towards the previous series, a frivolous and aspirational fiction, but also, if only timidly, a portrait of the wild economic-labor panorama of a New York that had not yet completed its transformation into a city only for millionaires.

The protagonists of And Just Like That… They have happily accompanied the city on that journey and along the way they have lost almost all their grace. Fortunately there is still something left: Seema (Sarita Choudhury), the woman who was desperately searching for her Hermés; George (Peter Hermann), Carrie’s date who didn’t know he was married to her partner, or Charlotte coming home drunk, something that, like a good fall in a silly comedy, never fails. We settle for little, yes.

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