Annecy’s ‘rucksack hero’ and journalist Arman Soldin, among those awarded the French Legion of Honor

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The dubbed hero of the backpack, a citizen who a few weeks ago tried to prevent a knife attack in a playground in Annecy, on the border with Switzerland; journalist Arman Soldin, who died in May while covering the war in Ukraine; the former prime minister Dominique de Villepin

France has paid homage this Friday, the day of the National Holiday, to its heroesto a total of 358 people who have carried out remarkable work for the country, who have been awarded the Legion of Honor which “recognizes the merit of those who invest in their citizens and constitute the pride of France”, in the words of Francois LecointreGrand Chancellor of the Legion of Honor.

There are two civil promotions, the one for January and the one that is published in the official gazette on July 14, on the occasion of the National Holiday. In addition there are two other soldiers. Posthumously, this award was given to Arman Soldin, a journalist for the AFP agency who covered the ukrainian war and who died on May 9 in a Russian attack near the city of Bajmut. She was 32 years old. He has been awarded the rank of knight.

They have also received this distinction Heroes of Annecy, the three citizens who tried to avoid a knife attack a month and a half ago in a children’s playground in the alpine town, on the border with Switzerland. One of them, who has become more popular in the media, is Henri d’Anselme. The young man was making a pilgrimage to the cathedrals of France and was in the park at the time of the attack.

He tried on several occasions to stop the attacker, using his backpack as a weapon, for which he was nicknamed “the hero of the backpack”. Two other citizens who tried to intervene have also been distinguished. The French President, Emmanuel Macron, already thanked these citizens for their courage at that time. Today they become part of this select club of heroes and servants of the country.

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