Arrested ten years later for the crime of Elisa Abruñedo, the Cabanas neighbor murdered and raped next to her house

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Ten years later, the investigations have borne fruit and the Civil Guard has just arrested a man as a suspect in the murder of Elisa Abruñedowhich on September 1, 2013 appeared murdered and raped in a wooded area of Cabanasin the Coruñese region of Ferrolterra. His body was barely half a kilometer from his house and, although he had biological remains of his murderer, so far he has not been found.

The Civil Guard confirmed the arrest this Tuesday, October 17, ten years, one month and 17 days after the beginning of the investigation. This is a 49-year-old man from the neighboring town of naron who was arrested in Ferrol.

The investigation, developed by agents of the A Coruña Command and the Central Operational Unit, is directed by the Court of Instruction number 2 of Ferrol and is kept under summary secrecy, but the Civil Guard has confirmed the arrest, which represents a turnaround in a case that had caused great commotion in this area of ​​Ferrolterra.

Adrian y Alvaro Fernandez AbruñedoElisa’s children, kept the fight open to locate their mother’s murderer after their father and the victim’s husband, Manuel Fernandez Martinezdied a year and a half after her mother, in 2015, in a work accident on the dock of To Grañain it Arsenal Military of Ferrol, when part of the load of a truck fell on him.

In an interview with this newspaper in 2022, Adrián insisted that he kept his “hopes” intact that one day his murderer would go to prison because that way they would ensure “he doesn’t repeat it again.”

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