At least 48 civilians killed in Congo during the repression of a demonstration against the UN in Goma

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At least 48 civilians and a police officer died in Goma on Wednesday, in a military operation to prevent a demonstration against the UN in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to an internal document from the Congolese Armed Forces (FARDC) consulted by AFP.

The document, verified by military and intelligence sources, reveals that, in addition to the deceased, other 75 protesters were injured.

According to the letter, “some bladed weapons were seized” and a total of 168 people were arrested “among them Efraimu Bisimwa, leader of the sect Judaic and Messianic Natural Faith Toward the Nations, organizer of the demonstration. unauthorized.

The official balance above, communicated on Wednesday by the army spokesman in Goma, Lieutenant Colonel Guillaume Ndjike, estimated at six protesters killed and a policeman “stoned” and 158 detainees.

In two videos filmed in a district of Goma and widely disseminated on social networks, a soldiers dumping a dozen lifeless bodies in the back of a vehicle military. Some bloody corpses are dragged along the ground.

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