At least 48 dead in a brutal road accident in Kenya

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At least 48 people diedn on Friday in a traffic accident in western Kenya when a truck collided with other vehicles and struck pedestrians at a busy intersection, local police announced.

“We can currently confirm the death of 48 people and we believe that one or two more are still trapped under the truck” after the accident that occurred on the highway between the cities of Kericho and Nakuru, police commander Geoffrey Mayek told AFP.

30 people were seriously injured and They were transferred to various hospitals. The number could be higher, but at the moment we’re only sure it’s 30,” she added.

The collision occurred around 6:30 p.m. (15:30 GMT) andn a highway connecting the cities of Kericho and Nakuruin the west of the country.

The truck, which was headed for Kericho, “He lost control and hit eight vehicles, several motorcycles, people who were on the side of the road”said Tom Mboya Odero, commander of the regional police.

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