Bankinter earns 418 million until June, 54% more than in 2022, and asks to repeal the bank tax

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Bankinter registered a net profit of 417.9 million euros in the whole of the first half of the yearwhich is equivalent to an increase of 54% compared to the same period in 2022, as reported by the bank on Thursday when publishing its income statement.

The financial institution has highlighted that this increase occurred despite the fact that in the first quarter of the year the bank fully paid the new banking tax, which amounted to 77.5 million euros.

The CEO of Bankinter, Maria Dolores Dancausa, pointed out in the presentation of the results that the rise in interest rates is not an argument to justify this rate. The sector, she argued, has been experiencing negative interest rates for years without “it occurred to anyone” that then “we would pay less taxes.”

Regarding the request made several weeks ago by the First Vice-President of the Government, Nadia Calviño, that banks adequately remunerate deposits, Dancausa has stressed that the prices of the products offered and the mechanisms for attracting and retaining customers fall within the scope of competence and decision of the companies.

The directive expressed its desire “with all my heart” that the government that is elected on July 23 “gets it right.” He also called for a “safe and suitable environment” so that companies and citizens can promote new projects that will help the Spanish economy “reach new levels of prosperity and well-being.”

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