Bedbugs, the vampires under the sheets that also affect Spain

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In recent days, the bedbug plague that the city of Paris is suffering has been in the news, affecting public transport, cinemas, schools and even hospitals, but the French capital is much closer to Spain than we can imagine.

And it is that This is not an isolated phenomenon.the National Association of Environmental Health Companies is clear that the presence of these insects is an emerging problem in almost the entire world, including, of course, our country.

Some Environmental Health experts affirm that the problem with bed bugs, or Cimex lectularius, It is at levels never seen in Europe since before the Second World War. Its incidence is already a public health problem that worries not only the citizens who suffer from its bites.

Its increase is due to different causes that, together, have been the perfect time for its proliferation. On the one hand we have high temperatures, ideal for their survival and they only become lethargic below 16ºC.

On the other hand the increase in tourism around the world after the pandemic, something that represents an increase in the movement of people and their suitcases. And finally, it has been found that certain species of bed bugs have become immune to many of the products chemicals designed to kill them.

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