Belarra and Montero will not attend the Princess’s swearing-in, considering that it is an act "to protect the monarchy"

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The Podemos ministers Ione Herb (Social Rights) and Irene Montero (Equality) will not attend the swearing-in of Princess Leonor’s Constitution in Congress, understanding that this act only seeks to “shield” the monarchical institution.

This was indicated by the party’s Secretary of Institutional Action, María Teresa Pérez, in statements to the media in Alicante, where she revealed that due to “democratic conviction” the main leaders of Podemos, as well as its five deputies, will be absent from the event. .

In this way, the Podemos ministers distance themselves from the second vice president and leader of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, and the head of Universities, Joan Subirats (common), who will attend to Leonor’s constitutional oath. Meanwhile, the leader of IU and Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, will not attend the event either, given that his party sees him as an act of “exaltation” of monarchical values.

Most of the ministers of the coalition’s minority partner such as Díaz, Belarra and Garzón attended the events of the national holiday on October 12, except for the Minister of Equality who was on an official trip to Chile.

“We think that It is not just another act. (the Princess Magna Carta swearing ceremony), which is a act to protect the dynastythe monarchical succession, and therefore Podemos is not going to be part of that operation, neither our deputies nor our ministers are going to attend the event precisely out of democratic commitment,” Pérez emphasized.

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