Boric stands out and adds to the pressure against Maduro

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Gabriel Boric took advantage of his meeting in Washington with Joe Biden to distance himself from the silence that reigns among the governments of the Great Homeland after the last chavista attack against the opposition. “That elections are respected and all candidates who wish to do so are allowed to compete and have all the guarantees established by democracy itself,” urged the Chilean president, reviled from Caracas on previous occasions.

“Boboric, the biggest fool,” Diosdado Cabello, number two of the revolution, calls him every time the president airs the abuses of chavismo. Boric, who leads the progressive front within the Patria Grande, is in the minority against populists and revolutionaries, but that does not mean he has stopped crying out against the excesses of Caracas and Managua.

The indirect reference to María Corina Machado, winner of the primary process on whom a illegal and unconstitutional disqualificationrepresents the first support for the unitary opposition candidate, beyond the criticism made months ago by the Colombian president, Gustavo Petro.

The diplomatic ball is now in the court of the White House, which maintains an ultimatum to Maduro, which ends on November 30, to give reverse the boycott election against Machado and to also release American and Venezuelan prisoners. So far, only six political prisoners, out of 273, have been released thanks to the Barbados Agreement.

María Corina Machado herself has taken extreme caution to avoid falling into the traps set by the Bolivarian power. “The Supreme Court can say whatever it wants (about the annulment of the primaries), but it is something irreversible. The country assumed it and appropriated it, there is nothing they can do to avoid it. The Barbados Agreement has not been violated yet, the regime is tightening the league (rope), but it hasn’t broken yet“Machado stated in an interview with the Argentine media Infobae.

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