Borja Jiménez gives the final blow to his dazzling revelation in Madrid and is launched through the Puerta Grande

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To Borja Jiménez, the revelation of 2023 Before landing in Autumn, he needed the definitive blow from Madrid. So it was. At 8:20 p.m. in the afternoon of his life, with the night already on his back, they swung him through the Puerta Grande with the light of the future and the force of thunderous justice. Such was the importance of its dazzling rebirth.

BJ condensed in just over two hours all the virtues that adorn him, opening fire in front of a Victorino who demanded the greatest of them all: the place that makes him the owner of an extraordinary capacity. And from that place and with that capacity he faced his debut with Victorino with superior poise and intelligence. In his forge he molded a bull with the air of an old cow, brittle power and a hidden gift: gratitude. And he pushed forward the attacks that resisted him and turned on his firm right, always from below. Where the bull also did it. Until in the third batch the job exploded. And he went up in phase and level on his left, looking for the opposing piton and finding depth. He roared the plaza with his natural bullfighting, hurriedly standing together. He also crossed the feared Rubicon of the sword, with a very extended but sufficient thrust. And he dropped his ear with sincere force.

Theirs would be the afternoon from piton to tail. She didn’t forgive a bit. He once again demonstrated his moment with the only cinqueño of the afternoon, the heaviest, tallest and longest of the bullfight. A guy who didn’t give anything away. borja Jiménez understood it with a clear head, always winning the action, leaving at the precise moment he was flocking. The early bet on the left was clever – it was the hand – and not a little laborious – he did his own thing. When he finally attacked on the right hand, the bull had improved on its initial weakness. He once again won the piton and the heart of the plaza. He barely overcame his Achilles’ heel with the sword: a half-thrust thrust that he needed from madness. Madrid delivered the definitive ear of the Puerta Grande.

And in case there was any doubt with this Sevillian from Espartinas, he went to porta gayola with everything already won. The last bull appeared through the mouth of the bullpen, so crossed that he forced Jiménez to the ground under the distracting cloud of the long line. BJ did not reserve anything with absolute dedication and understood perfectly the need for the middle distance to give the attack the step it was missing. Sunken, waisted, offering his chest and seeking, once again, depth rather than line, curve over straightness. Fundamentally skillful, superbly intelligent work. You could see his thing coming, but how much? Another enough thrust, another ear, the third. An important, vital solution on the shoulders of those who disbelieve and those who forgot it. A bullfighter who comes from afar and goes long.

The thing had started with the serious goring of Román. The victor who opened the bullfight passed through Román’s jurisdiction. He remained below, without finishing passing or humiliating. He was always involved in protests because of his power counted on those who did not measure anything else. Nor did they value the dull danger, precisely due to his lack of drive to get out of luck, of the crimson touched above with two daggers.

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