Borja Jimenez time: "On the big stages I truly feel like a bullfighter"

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The name of Borja Jiménez is consolidating as a revelation of the year. Step by step, step by step. His comeback comes from afar. Almost from when he was a bullfighter in 2014. After the alternative (Sevilla, 2015), he changed the landscape. Now, a long time of struggle later, he has again powerfully attracted attention, concentrating his 2023 ads in major squares: Pamplona and Madrid. From the heroism of San Fermín in the hard battle of Escolar to the dimension offered this Sunday in the valued task in Madrid, there is a common thread: the maturity of a guy in the permanent search for depth. And maybe also the place with the sword.

“Sunday afternoon was a big step in my career. The Madrid public was able to see me fight, delivered in body and soul. I want to be a bullfighter at fairs, on the big stages is where I truly feel like a bullfighter. And God willing that this is the case be”, says Jiménez still with the echo of what has been achieved. That beyond the ear that could have been and was not contains the reward of the authentic: the respect and recognition of amateurs and professionals. From his performance arose the call from Plaza 1 to enter the bullfight of the Virgen de la Paloma, a landmark date of the Madrid season, but the bullfighter from Seville compromised the date in the bullfight of the Cenicientos contest.

Borja Jiménez responded with attitude to the commitment of Las Ventas, without a step back, showing his evolution also with the cape. He entered all the removals that corresponded to him and from the first by winged chicuelinas as a letter of introduction to the last by well-drawn aprons, which could be that of forgiveness without there being anything to forgive, he revealed the light of the brooches, especially the last half: “Also in the greeting. They were small details and a step forward. I aspire to take to the square the way I curdle things in the field with the cape”.

Margé’s serious and five-year-old bullfight, so stifling, moved with emotional meekness and no uniformity of behavior, very changeable and generally letting go of faces a lot. “The bullfight was not easy to be in front of, I had a lot to fight. But when I really put you on, the bulls responded and they had emotion,” says the matador, who says that his first, “mansito,” had “certain good things”: “It didn’t last long. I knew it couldn’t be a long task. But what I did to him was very true. And very good things and details, low in the auctions of the batches. I think I had cut off an ear if I didn’t poke him” .

And then came the other job, the job in the afternoon, which was more and better, “from the beginning knee on the ground.” “From there” -explains Jiménez- “I was able to fight as I train daily, putting my kidneys in and taking the bull back. From that moment on the bull felt empowered and began to let go of his face, distressing himself. Even so, there were good crutches , always looking for placement. The pity is that my hand went down with the sword. Madrid does not forgive. I already had to go crazy. And I lost my ear and the Puerta Prande. I will continue looking for the depth of bullfighting.” The Chenel Cup trick is behind us. Does not matter. It would be fate. This is his way and this is his hour.

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