Borja Sémper defends himself: "I tried to show that co-official languages ​​are not the heritage of nationalists"

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“There are different opinions, nothing happens.” This is how Borja Sémper has cleared up the criticism of the deputies of his group after including paragraphs in Basque in his speech in Congress yesterday.

“What I tried to do was show that co-official languages ​​are not the heritage of nationalists and independentists,” he noted in an interview with Onda Cero this Wednesday. “I refuse,” she insisted.

Several deputies rebelled yesterday against the three paragraphs in Basque that Sémper used in his speech, because they find it inconsistent with the position set by the party itself: that in Congress only Spanish should be spoken until the reform of the regulations is approved. “Total stupefaction”, they pointed out. “A nonsense”. “Contradictory”.

Sémper wanted to put context. “And what I tried to do yesterday is show that this could already be done in Congress,” she continued. That is, saying certain phrases in the co-official language to immediately translate them. “This controversy weighs on me,” she acknowledged.

Sémper has also confirmed, as this newspaper already published, that he did warn about what he would do: “When there is nothing strange to do, there is no need to comment on it, but I still mentioned it in a previous meeting,” he said.

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