Bread for breakfast, yes, here are the keys to finding the perfect toast

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At the offer of pan It is so broad (and the marketing is so clever) that choose a good loaf has become A challenge. Is it really better to eat whole wheat bread? What the hell is sourdough? Do I have to switch to spelled? How do I know if “bakery” bread is really healthier? We answer the million-dollar questions about bread.

If we put the magnifying glass on the labeling, it should look something like this:

If with four ingredients are enough to choose a good bread although it is possible that this number increases if there is a mixture of flours from different types of cereals: the famous multigrain bread.

Until a few years ago it was common that this was the case and that multigrain breads included ridiculous amounts of some cereals to give it hidden to bread. It was allowed to boast on the labeling that a bread contained spelled flour or kamut flour even if it only contained 0.1% flour from these cereals.

Fortunately, according to the new bread law approved in 2019, for a bread to be called “multigrain bread” it must be made with three or more different flours, at least two of which will come from cereals.

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