Chavismo responds to the opposition debate with two attempts at aggression against María Corina Machado

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The conservative candidate Maria Corina Machado He returned to the electoral pre-campaign after the historic opposition debate with the narrow marking of the revolution. The national coordinator of Vente Venezuela suffered the onslaught of Chavista mobs yesterday Friday in La Guaira, a coastal coastline near the capital, and today in Petare in Caracas, one of the largest favelas in Latin America. In both cases, their escorts and companions managed to avoid physical aggression.

“People are clear. The only thing left for the regime is violence because they know defeated. Venezuela has woken up because we know that we are going to unite our families,” Machado responded after the latest act of government violence.

The violent and radical groups of Chavismo work in a similar way to the famous acts of repudiation in Cuba: they are people carried by leaders and officials, who also participate in the traps. Despite this, the government ensures that they are spontaneous acts of the people.

“We will continue touring all of Venezuela, to the last corner of our country because this territory belongs to all Venezuelans. What we are experiencing today, far from discouraging this fight, gives us more reasons. Far from intimidating, this drives us. Violence is defeated with force and organization,” stressed the candidate after avoiding today’s aggression, after being introduced at full speed into a vehicle by her companions, while violent groups tried to attack her.

The small Chavista group attended the electoral act of Machado with banners (“Murderer!, “sellers of homelands”) and whistles, something that also happened yesterday in Vargas. They even repeated scenes similar to those already suffered by another candidate for the opposition primary, Henrique Capriles, with women of great weight who try to reach the leaders with their blows.The former presidential candidate suffered punches, kicks and slaps from these followers of Nicholas Maduro.

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