China advances as the great power in renewables, but it is difficult for it to get rid of coal

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This summer there was a hopeful photo for the global fight against climate change: the two most polluting powers in the world, China and the United States, finally sitting at the same table under the commitment to resume talks on global warming that had been paralyzed for more than of a year due to the growing bilateral tensions. This rapprochement should be channeled before the COP28 summitwhich this year is celebrated in November in the United Arab Emirates.

It was US climate envoy John Kerry who traveled to Beijing in July to re-establish crucial dialogue as both countries battled conta extreme weather eventssuch as unprecedented heat waves or the worst floods in decades.

In China, concerns about extreme weather go hand in hand with good news about progress in its green agenda: the nation that produces the most greenhouse gases in the world, could reach its peak emissions in 2024six years ahead of schedule in 2030. This is what a Bloomberg report pointed out a few days ago.

Another report presented by the Global Energy Monitor (GEM), an independent research group in San Francisco that tracks the operating profit of large-scale wind and solar farms, assured that the Asian country is ready to double its capacity and produce 1,200 gigawatts of energy through renewables (wind and solar) by 2025reaching its goal five years ahead of schedule.

Last year, the Asian country, which has more solar panels installed on large-scale projects than the rest of the world combined, accounted for 55% of the half trillion dollars spent globally on solar and wind power.

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