Coup in Niger: Mutinous soldiers claim to have overthrown President Bazoum

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Several mutinous soldiers claim to have overthrown the democratically elected president of Niger, announcing on state television late this Wednesday that they have put an end to the government by the deterioration of the security of the African country.

The soldiers claimed that all institutions had been suspended and that the security forces were managing the situation. They urged outside partners not to interfere.

The announcement came after a day of uncertainty in which members of Niger’s presidential guard surrounded the presidential palace and they arrested the president Mohamed Bazoum. It was not clear where the president was at the time of the announcement or if he had resigned.

“This is due to the continued deterioration of the situation of security and poor economic and social governance,” said the major colonel of the air force in the video Amadou Abdramane. Sitting at a table across from nine other officers, he said that air and land borders were closed and that he had imposed a curfew until the situation stabilized.

The group, which calls itself National Council for the Safeguarding of the Countrystated that he remained committed to his commitments to the international and national community.

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