‘El Mundo Today’ also cries in the first novel by comedian Xavi Puig: "In laughter sometimes there is too much darkness"

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The jester also has his little heart. The clown also cries when no one sees him. The joke is sometimes just an excuse to “get out of dark holes.” Not everything is going to be fucking.

The boss asks you: «Take out book one of The World Today, would you like to interview him? And it turns out that The best person (Today’s Topics), the first foray of Xavi Puig In literature, it is already quite dark: Antonio Camunas He is the odd one out at work, the misfit and therefore misunderstood, who can only pour out his loneliness, epistolary, into Natalyathe typical blonde Russian with a taste for thongs who has fallen in love with him online, and who actually turns out to be a Nigerian who sends millions of emails from Lorca (Murcia).

Confusion: if you arrived with a smile, Puig’s first novel wipes it out of your face.

Then he appears, 50% of the comic duo author of headlines like: «A man who has eaten five entire plates of fabada becomes the new Oppenheimer».

He comes all dressed in black, like Raphael.

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