Endless days and perfectionism, behind the new work disorder: Sisifemia

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The sisifemia It is a new work disorder. It occurs when the worker suffers from a excessive workload, which causes great physical and mental exhaustion, and a pathological feeling of not being productive enough, despite the fact that it objectively carries out a high-performance activity.

These sensations are repeated day after day, always with the frustration of not achieving everything they “should”, despite doing as much as possible. Among the dysfunctions of this “syndrome” or psychosocial disorder is the notorious inability of the person to disconnect from worknot just on a daily basis, but even on vacation.

It usually affects people perfectionistswith a high sense of responsibility, meticulous and compliant. They don’t usually restr during their work day due to the required objectives, which cause long hours or the need to extend it to be able to attend to the daily task. The development of sisifemia occurs when, in addition to this work with excessive load, there is an anomalous distribution of the daywith an unbalanced dedication to rest, leisure and human relationships outside of work.

This disorder is related to job insecurity, with high mental load due to insufficient staff. The cause of sisyphemia is in the imbalance between the high demand for work and the difficult capacity to respond within the working day and under normal conditions.

Another characteristic is suffering from “productivity dysmorphia“, which is the fact of feeling that you are not being productive enough, even though you are.

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