Feijóo activates his territorial offensive against the amnesty: "I prefer to look into the eyes of the opposition rather than lower my head in La Moncloa"

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Two weeks before his investiture speech, Alberto Núñez Feijóo is fully aware that he has no real chance of moving forward with this vote. But he wants to defend his “equality” project, as a contrast to Pedro Sánchez’s attempts to “unblock” the legislature at the risk of also “unblocking” Spain, that is, breaking it.

“I prefer that we can look the opposition in the eye than that we have to lower our heads to enter La Moncloa,” he said in his speech before the National Board of Directors, which is the highest body of the PP between congresses.

“I would rather pay the price of a ‘no’ for defending” that Spain needs unity and reforms “than pay the price for a yes to misgovernment,” Feijóo said. “It is tempting, and even easy, to choose that path to Moncloa, but I can assure you that it is not like this. It is always worth choosing the path of freedom in the face of those who endanger it, it is always worth choosing dignity, especially when indignity threatens to flood everything,” he later solemnized. And also, he has insisted, it is better to “bet on the equality of all Spaniards” compared to someone who is willing “to curtail it.”

For this reason, Feijóo has announced a territorial offensive against the amnesties, as EL MUNDO announced on September 7, through motions for the socialists to “portrait themselves.” “The response to the separatist challenge cannot be a mere dialectical confrontation between Genoa and Ferraz. Responsibility is collective. No politician will be able to hide his opinion. We will carry out an initiative in favor of the equality of Spaniards and against the privileges of politicians independence to the courts, the assemblies, the town councils”. And he does not rule out “even the judicial route.”

On the other hand, sources from the PP leadership confirm to this newspaper that the parliamentary spokesperson for the popular, Cuca Gamarra, will meet on Thursday with Aitor Esteban, spokesperson for the PNV in the Congress, within the round of contacts for the investiture on September 26 and 27. It must be remembered that the PNV has already slammed the door on Feijóo at least three times.

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