Feijóo condemns the riots in Ferraz but also points to Sánchez: "Violence has no place in democracy and neither does impunity."

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“On one side are those who commit or amnesty violent or undemocratic acts and on the other, those who condemn both, and end of the story, there is no more history, there are no more divisions than this.” Alberto Núñez Feijóo This Wednesday he revolted against criticism for not having expressly condemned yesterday the violent episodes and anti-democratic slogans of some of the demonstrators who staged riots in Madrid in protest against the amnesty.

With much greater force than on other occasions, the president of the PP wanted to nip the debate about his lack of conviction in the bud. During his speech at a parliamentary session of his party against the amnesty, he assured: “Although the professionals of manipulation and lies always say that I am not clear, I have to say that violence has no place in democracy and must always be rejected. Whether by extreme left or extreme right ultras. Violence has no place in democracy and neither does impunity.”

“We are not going to accept a single lesson from those who are working so that the violent acts” of the independence movement “go unpunished,” he has tried to settle the issue. That said, Feijóo has pointed out Pedro Sanchez as “the person most responsible for what is happening in Spain, because his decisions are destroying democracy”, and it has disgraced him that he criticizes, in his opinion, only part of the violence.

“In the last few hours we have heard members of the PSOE say that whoever does not condemn violence encourages it, and I think they are right,” he maintained, before releasing the depth charge: “When you try to amnesty violence, you cannot give any lesson to those who condemn violence.

“Those of us who are defending the rule of law are accused by those who are violating it,” Feijóo complained. Nobody is going to be able to “stop” the civic opposition to the nonsense” of the amnesty, he added, before calling on citizens to join the “peaceful demonstrations in defense of the rule of law” that the PP has called for on Sunday (although the Until now, the party had not called them “demonstrations”, but rather “rallies”.

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