Feijóo will call Sánchez to request a meeting "at the highest institutional and political level"

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Alberto Núñez Feijóo will call Pedro Sánchez in “the next few hours” to request a meeting “at the highest institutional and political level.” The leader of the PP wants to know “the availability” of the acting president to “advance in stability, in reforms, in the improvement of the institutional framework and in the economic measures” that, according to the party of the candidate for the inauguration, needs the country “thinking of the general interest of all citizens.

In the national direction of Genoa they argue that “it seems reasonable that whoever has won the elections, in a context as arithmetically devilish as the current one, talks with the one who came second.” “At what point has this stopped being normal? Why is this rare in Spain? What pit of sectarianism has Spanish politics gotten into? We want to change that,” argued Borja Sémper, spokesman for the popular.

From the PSOE they indicate that they will attend the meeting proposed by the PP, although at first they stated that an Executive would have to be convened to make a decision. After those initial steps, Ferraz and Moncloa coordinated their message and confirmed that the PSOE leader would attend the meeting.

“We will speak with all the parties except Vox”, they transfer from the socialist leadership. “We have always been an educated party with the ability to listen. And if they call us, we will go to that meeting,” they add.

And it is that in the PSOE there is a lot of anger with the PP, especially due to the latest appeals for cases of turncoats to occur in this formation so that, given the case, at least four socialist deputies would allow the investiture of Feijóo. As this newspaper has reported, this appeal, in addition to anger, has caused a closing ranks of Ferraz and Sánchez’s critics of him.

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