Felipe VI maintains that the solutions to Spain’s problems will come through "unity, never division"

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The King of Spain wanted to address the three main current issues in the speech he gave to close the delivery of the XLIII edition of the Princess of Asturias awards. The head of state has spoken about his daughter Leonor, about the international situation and about the problems of Spain, with a person in charge of forming a Government who is running out of days to get the votes to be invested.

“Our problems are many,” he argued, insisting that “the solutions will come from unitnever of the division“, settled Felipe VI, who said that the history of Spain “shows” that it has always been like this. The King has uttered this phrase when the Government of Pedro Sánchez is in the midst of investiture negotiations with Bildu and with the independentists, who demand amnesty in exchange for their votes for Sánchez.

“If we want to build something that transcend and make sense, the collaboration and commitment of everyone is more essential than ever,” he summarized. He also called for “a integrative will if we want to build something solid, lasting and permanent”.

For the third time throughout the speech, Don Felipe insisted that “it is with the union, with collective effort and the supportive attitudes how great works are built. This is how the answers emerge that really allow us advance“.

It was at the end of the speech that the King wanted to leave this task of unity to the Spaniards in a speech that lasted 20 minutes and began by remembering that the winners demonstrate that whatever the circumstance, there is no “give in to the worst omens

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