Foreign Affairs, in contact with other countries and NGOs for the departure of Spaniards from Gaza

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The acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Albaresis in contact with its counterparts from other countries and with international humanitarian organizations to evaluate the situation and the possibilities for the evacuation of the Spaniards who are in Gaza when possible, as reported by diplomatic sources.

In addition, sources familiar with the situation admit the difficulties of carrying out an operation in the current circumstances, as the area is blocked and without water or electricity. Other countries, such as USAthey have not yet been able to evacuate their nationals from Gaza.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs insists on asking Spaniards who are in the area to contact the Spanish consulate general in Jerusalem if they have not already done so so that they can notify them if there is any news. They also ask that you follow the consulate’s recommendations at all times.

In the case of Israel, Spaniards residing there can leave the country through commercial flights that some companies still operate, although there are no direct flights to Spain and they have to do so with a stopover via other countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has some 9,000 Spaniards registered in Israel and the Palestinian territories, the vast majority of whom have dual nationality.

Albares said last Wednesday that his department continues to pay close attention to them and assured that if circumstances require it they will act quickly, after having repatriated on two flights chartered by Defense nearly fifty Spaniards who were stranded in Israel. where they were for tourism, business or passing through.

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