Frontism takes over Congress: Sánchez, with whom "they want to leave Spain" and Feijóo, weighed down by Vox

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Pedro Sanchez He will be inaugurated today as President of the Government with 179 votes in favor compared to 171 against. He will be so with the legitimacy granted by majorities in a parliamentary democracy. The deputies of Sumar, PNV, Bildu, ERC, Junts, BNG and CC have joined in their support, all of them united through economic, political and also judicial concessions because the decisive support, those of the Catalan independence movement, has been obtained by the socialist candidate in exchange for an amnesty, categorically rejected by himself until 72 hours before the elections, but which will now see the light erasing the attack that the secessionists perpetrated in 2017 against the State.

The investiture debate on its first day became a hand-to-hand fight between Sánchez y feijóo. Low blows, unfair accusations, reproaches and insults abounded. Everything, in short, to inaugurate a new mandate that without a doubt will be characterized by frontism and division: on the one hand, Sánchez with those who deny the Constitution and want, as he himself admitted, to “leave Spain” and, on the other, another, Feijóo linked, even despite himself, to an extreme right that deploys a xenophobic, aggressive and populist discourse.

The candidate did not hesitate to blame the PP for all the country’s ills and even handed it responsibility for the “fracture”, “hatred” and “discord” that arose in Catalonia in 2017. There was not a word in his speech to attribute reproaches or blame for the escapee Puigdemont or the convicted and later pardoned Reeds. He poured them all against the PP.

In an intervention that seemed more like opposition to the opposition than an investiture, a sensation that increased with the intervention at the rally of Yolanda DiazSánchez insisted that beyond the street protests, what really matters when it comes to coming to power is gathering the necessary votes and he has them, because he believes that the citizens who opted for the PNV, Bildu, ERC, Junts or the BNG, in reality the person they did it for was him.

In this sense, he presented himself as the leader who has managed to erect a “wall of democracy” against the right and the extreme right, because throughout his entire parliament he assimilated the PP with Vox to the point of accusing his rival popular to be part of the “club of Trump, Orban, The pen y Abascal». And to propose to the Spaniards a “reactionary option” that “instigates hatred” with formulas that “exude classism, despise those who are different, are exclusive and only propose a return to the past.” On the contrary, he presented the management he has carried out in the last five years as an example of success and “unquestionable achievements”, while he placed his mistakes in the category of “involuntary errors.”

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