García Pulido’s claw makes its way among the winners of Madrid

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Summoning 6,300 people at almost 40 degrees on the granite of Las Ventas was almost heroic. That was achieved by the bullfight of the young winners of the season in Madrid with Jorge Martínez, Mario Navas and García Pulido, who with his claw took the cat to water. The Fuente Ymbro-Montealto duel was won by the latter currency. The fifth, named Liviano, broke the tiebreaker downwards that had caused a soporific drift. A chestnut steer that from the start pointed out a special stride with a humiliation. García Pulido, all willingness, fell to his knees in a vibrant start -perhaps not the most appropriate for the steer- much chanted by the stands. The first batches were command to link mobility. Then there was a mismatch changing the distance that didn’t sit well with the steer. He traced in neighborhoods with arrimones. The one from Montealto finished with the same rhythm and humiliation as at the start. The ear made up for the delivery of the bullfighter and the loud ovation for Liviano.

He stood up to the renowned second, from Fuente Ymbro, who fell short and lacked quality. A steer who asked for roles with which he exposed a lot, despite the ups and downs of desire over technique. He signed a very tight clearance for gaoneras in the fourth, a sign of the attitude displayed throughout the afternoon.

The lack of echo that the good performance of Jorge Martínez had in San Isidro was a general comment. At the gates of the alternative, he is a classic bullfighter in serious ways. He demonstrated it with the informal first -from Fuente Ymbro- that was won openly. Some decried the placement of it. To answer those protests, he began to fight with an extraordinary truth against a steer that did not always thank him. One of the times he threw it on his back, defeating him in both thighs. He put on his heels again, with his tattered satchel, without selling anything. The bull lowered the transmission. Martínez, carrying luck and backing down from the onslaught, fought really well. His applause turned racana.

The one from Montealto that completed his lot, curdled, very Astifino and with volume. Jorge Martínez opened his cape slowly, tried to rock it with pleasure but the steer indicated a lack of strength that conditioned everything. With his left hand he signed bullfighting signs.

The lineup of winners was completed by Mario Navas who opened the season as the revelation for his exquisite cut. It was precisely then with one of Fuente Ymbro, the same iron that he faced in his first turn. Quality in the face of a decomposed onslaught. Long job with the steer down. More freshness was his performance before the Montealto hat that closed the celebration. The man from Valladolid once again made his good manners clear with another steer that did not reach the expected bottom line. The beautiful embroques were not accompanied by depth.

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