Genoa claims Guardiola that "reduce stress" with Vox and the "noise" media

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Maria Guardiola went to Madrid this Friday to inaugurate Isabel Díaz Ayuso as president of the Community of Madrid. But the baroness of the PP of Extremadura avoided making statements to the media, which awaits her with great expectation. It was the first symptom of the new strategy that Genoa has formally requested in the last few hours from the president of the PP of Extremadura, as confirmed by various sources to THE WORLD.

Accustomed to overexposure since the election night of the 28-M, the leadership of the Popular Party considers that having the media spotlight on them every day, and even more so after losing the Assembly Table last Tuesday, has harmed their candidate in Extremadura. And they especially complain, like many territorial barons, of his appearance as soon as he lost the vote, considering that he “blew up all the bridges” with Vox, so reversing the situation is going to be very difficult, let alone trying to lower the demands of Abascal’s party to reach an agreement for the presidency of the Junta de Extremadura that in Genoa, they still see as possible. “More than the bottom, they complain about the forms,” ​​assures a well-informed source to EL MUNDO.

At first, what was happening in Extremadura, in the first days of the negotiations, was even serving the PP well after the surprising, rapid and controversial agreement with Vox in the Valencian Community. “It served to balance the different sensibilities of the party and continue to widen the space.” But what at first was viewed favorably has ended up being “a serious problem that only favors Pedro Sánchez, who must be delighted.”

The problem, therefore, is that “he has put all the focus on us, when Sánchez should have the focus and nobody anymore -complains this source- talks about what he has done during the legislature, about his pacts with Bildu, of the pardons… the whole agenda is in Extremadura and María Guardiola, and in how the party handles the pacts with Vox”, the aforementioned sources indicate.

In this way, the “mess in Extremadura has changed the topic of conversation, not only in gatherings, but also among the citizens and that for us -these PP sources say- is very bad for us because 28-M was voted on sanchez key and now we are getting lost in this maze”. It is about Guardiola, therefore, “trying to calm down”. And these sources add: “Worse than the break with Vox are the ways in which it occurred, with those attacks outside tone, almost ruthless”.

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