Germany advances in the partial decriminalization of the possession and cultivation of cannabis

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Germany has taken this Wednesday the first step towards the controlled legalization of cannabis. The bill approved by the Government in the Council of Ministers contemplates, among others, the decriminalization from holding up to 25 grams and the self-cultivation of up to three plants of marijuana.

“This is a long-term shift in German drug policy,” declared the Social Democrat health minister. Karl Lauterbach, after receiving the go-ahead for a project that will still have to pass the parliamentary process. The chancellor’s tripartite Olaf Scholz has a majority in the chamber, so Lauterbach anticipates that the rule can enter into force this year.

Under the plan approved by the cabinet today, the over 18 years will be able purchase a maximum of 25 grams of cannabis (and up to 50 grams per month) through associations created for this purpose and which will have cultivation licenseof which should be members.

At the same time, a campaign of large scale awareness to warn of the dangers of THC consumption (main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis) in children and adolescents and the corresponding prevention programs.

“Every young person will know: if I use cannabis regularly, I am damaging my brainI will have more possibilities to develop psychotic breaksI can have non-reversible attention disorders,” Lauterbach said.

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