Getir will close its business in Spain after laying off its almost 1,600 employees

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The worst forecasts have been fulfilled and Canthe fast delivery company, will cease its operations in Spain and lay off the 1,560 workers with those who have on staff in the country, distributed between Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Zaragoza, Seville and Malaga.

The company of Turkish origin has met, after a two-week delay, with the unions to start the ERE negotiation Announced over a month ago. The delay of the meetings has been attributed to the fact that the company was waiting to close a new round of funding, which, finally, has not been agreed, which has led to the final closure as the most plausible solution, something that only entered the most pessimistic pools. From the company, however, it is reported that ways will be sought to avoid the total closure of the market.

The fall of Can It is the last one after that of other companies in the sector such as GoPuff o Gorillaswho have been gradually leaving the country, once the faucet of cheap money was closed to startups that allowed these companies to always keep the faucet of promotions open in search of growing in users at the cost of not being profitable.

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