Guillermo Hermoso opens the Bilbao party through the front door

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Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza, who cut off both ears of the sixth bull, today opened the main door of the Vista Alegre plaza, in the celebration of bullfights with which the Bilbao General Bullfights and in which the French Lea Vicens also paraded two trophies from each of the horns of her batch.

But it is the Basque regulation that prevented the rider from sharing this ride on her shoulders with her partner, by demanding that they cut, at least, the two ears of the same bullwhich were the ones that were requested from the fifth, but without the presidency agreeing, probably due to the very defective blow with which he killed him.

Even so, the most complete performance, and best rounded, of the afternoon was that of lesser of the beautifulwhich made the latter a growing task in emotion and adjustment, especially since he brought “Berlín”, the star horse of his stable, to the ashen bullring of Bilbao, with whom he already put the square on its feet.

The merit of Guillermo and the castaño was to envy a bull that went out looking for the tables, but had no choice but to follow a croup that passed him over and over again in front of the pitons in the lcalled luck “of the beautiful”, always in line with the tables. So, after disillusioning him, Estella’s rider was able to recreate everything that the third one did not let him, who stopped and became fond of pigs.

On the other hand, with this sixth the new Hermoso grew in two tight beats on “Ecuador”, already in the media, and especially when nailing two roses and a couple of short two-handed ones with “Esencial”, with which he finished unleashing the enthusiasm before a withering grunt. Therefore, the two ears were more than justified.

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