Hamish Harding, the millionaire who dreamed of being in the Guinness of records

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As a child, Hamish Harding he entertained himself by reading the Guinness Book of Records and dreaming of one day appearing in it on his own merits… “But I didn’t want it to be for something boring or stupid like the record for the balls returned in a game of ping pong or something similar” .

british millionaire 58 years oldowner of an aviation company in Dubai, had in fact already entered Guinness three times before going on “Mission 5” to the wreck of the Titanic.

In 2021 he beat the record aboard a submersible with a four-hour and 15-minute journey through the Mariana Trench. Some time before he completed a record of three miles traveled in the maximum marine depth.

His entry into the Guinness came two years earlier, in 2019: the fastest journey between the North Pole and the South Pole aboard a Gulfstream 650ER. In 2016 he had already set foot on the South Pole for the first time in the company of his great friend, the astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

Last year, the London adventurer, passionate about the depths and the heights, was one of the six crew members of the fifth orbital flight of Blue Origin. “People often give up on their dreams when they get older, but I’ve always found a way to set myself an unusual goal and make it possible,” he said then.

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