Interpol tries to identify the body of a child sunk with a stone slab in the Danube

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Interpol has sent a alert to its 195 member countries to identify a child about 5 or 6 years old who was found dead in the Danubein Germany.

According to Interpol reports, the child, brown hair and blood group O, was found in May 2022 at the bottom of the river near the town of Grossmehring, in Bavaria, Germany. the body was wrapped in aluminum and had a stone slab attached to it.

Through the campaign started with the dissemination of the “black note”, an alert to seek information on bodies pending identificationthe international police agency has also communicated some details, including a face reconstructionwith an image from the front and another from the profile.

the researchers they believe the boy spent time outside of Germanywhich led to the launch of an international operation.

The Secretary General of Interpol, Jurgen Stockstressed that “someone somewhere knows something about this boy, so it is equally important to make certain details public.”

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