Iran puts a satellite into orbit amid tensions with the US over its nuclear program

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This Wednesday, Iran launched a new satellite to take imagesin the middle of the tensions with the United States for the Iranian military development. Washington believes that the technology used to put satellites into orbit could allow Tehran launch longer range weaponsincluding ballistic missiles nuclear warheads.

“I congratulate the (Iranian) people, those who are part of the aerospace industry and the experts of the IRGC (Revolutionary Guard) for their success,” declared the Iranian Minister of Communications, Isa Zarepour. It is unknown when the satellite called “Noor-3”, light in Farsi, although published images of the launch indicate that it would have taken place at an aerospace base in Shahroud, about 330 kilometers northeast of Tehran. The launch was carried out by Supreme Leader’s Revolutionary Guardthe ayatollah Ali Khameneiwhich has its own space program and military infrastructure in parallel to Iran’s regular armed forces.

Its about third satellite of this type that Iran has put into orbit in the last three years, after the launch of Noor-1 in 2020 and Noor-2 in 2022. Its space program has not been without failed attempts in the last five years, with six failed launches, due to the difficulties in importing and developing space technology due to international sanctions. Even the satellites that managed to put into orbit are dysfunctional, according to the United States Space Command, which called the first Iranian Noor-1 satellite a “webcam that rotates in space.” Instead, the United States is concerned that the technology to launch satellites into orbit could be used to develop weapons technology, particularly ballistic missiles. Iran denies that their activities are a cover for the development of ballistic missiles and insists that it is not seeking the development of nuclear weapons.

Tensions between Iran and the United States have increased since former US president, Donald Trumpwill withdraw from nuclear deal of 2015 and imposed new sanctions against Iran. While negotiations are at an impasse, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has announced that Iran has enough enriched uranium to be able to build nuclear weapons if you decide to do so. The agency assures that Tehran is building a new underground nuclear facility to develop nuclear technology, immune to aerial attacks Americans or Israelis. The IAEA denounced a week ago that Iran has vetoed the agency’s inspectors, who have requested on several occasions to carry out control of the Iranian nuclear program.

The spokesperson for the US State Department, Matt Milleryesterday warned Iran that it must take measures to “de-escalate” its nuclear program if it wants to create a space for diplomacy with the United States and that it must allow IAEA agents to inspect its facilities. Miller hinted at the possible renewal of talks between Washington and Tehran on the Iranian nuclear program, whether direct or indirect meetings, although he did not want to give more details on the matter.

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