Israel, prepared for an offensive by land, sea and air

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Exactly one week after the Hamas attack that has brought new winds of war to the entire region, Israel is preparing for a ground offensive in the second phase of his massive retaliation for the multiple and lethal infiltration that caused 1,300 deaths. Before the tanks and armored cars enter Gazan territory, the Israeli air pressure on the fundamentalist group is causing enormous punishment in the Gaza Strip. This Saturday the evacuation from north to south in the Palestinian enclave that, once again, must be occupied in a few weeks, at best, or months of the reconstruction after a large-scale operation that has caused at least 2,200 deaths.

“The operational plans include a combined and coordinated attack by air, land and sea,” warned military spokesman Daniel Hagari, prioritizing reaching “the ringleaders and those responsible for Hamas and especially for the terrible terrorist attacks.” On his first visit to the devastated Kibbutz Beeri, the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu He met with soldiers, to whom he said: ”Are you ready to take the next step? The time is coming”. The proclamation of the conservative president, dressed in a bulletproof vest, was broadcast in a video by his cabinet.

Hamas, for its part, warned that for years it has been preparing for the invasion of its enemy while its armed wing continued with the projectile throwing against central and southern Israel.

The clock for the eighth day of the worst war in memory between the Palestinian militias and Israel set the key moment this Saturday at four in the afternoon. The time at which the new deadline given by the Israeli army for northern Gazans to head south through two runners (the Saladin road and the sea road) towards Wadi Gaza.

According to the UN, tens of thousands decided to head south while the army estimates the evacuees at around Half a million. “If you care about your safety, go south. The army will allow you safe passage. The Hamas leaders worry only about themselves and are in shelters,” said the Israeli official in charge of communicating in Arabic with the Palestinians. Avichai Adraeewho denounced: “Hamas tries to prevent the evacuation of civilians that it uses as human shields in their attacks.”

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