Jim Jordan, Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the House of Representatives

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Jim Jordan is the bet of Donald Trump to replace Kevin McCarthy as president of the House of Representatives. This a day after the same former president of USA offered himself for the vacancy for “a brief period” of time, adding even more morbidity to a serial that promises to be intense and full of unexpected twists until the end. On Wednesday, in principle, they are scheduled to vote to ratify the new candidate.

Trump’s support for the candidacy of Jordan, congressman for Ohio, It has all the sense of the world. He is a prominent member of the hardline Republican Party and a faithful follower of the doctrine about trumpco-founder in addition to Freedom Caucus to which belong the twenty congressmen who have done everything possible to torpedo McCarthy’s work during his nine months in office.

Jordan, 59, was not one of the eight who voted to remove him last Tuesday during the motion of no confidence presented by Matt Gaetz, the congressman from Florida, but there is no doubt that he champions the radical cause of the conservative party. “Congressman Jim Jordan has been a STAR [sic] long before making his successful trip to Washington, DC, representing Ohio’s 4th congressional district,” Trump wrote on his social network, Truth Social.

Jordan is, along with Steve Scalise, the only one who has formally presented himself for the position. Gaetz, who orchestrated McCarthy’s ouster following the debt ceiling deal reached with Democrats last weekend, has thrown his support behind the congressman for Louisiana, number two of the House of Representatives, despite being sick with cancer. The truth is that neither of them seem viable options to reach a consensus and unblock the current paralysis of the legislative body after McCarthy’s departure.

Trump is willing to appear in Washington on Tuesday to be present at his party’s meeting, where they hope to produce a solid candidate to present before a chamber that they control by a slim majority. This is what some close sources point out, in addition to his willingness to fill the vacancy until the crisis is resolved, making it clear, of course, that his only intention is to defeat Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential elections and be re-elected to the White House.

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