Josep Borrell, in Kiev: "If Russia wins the war, the EU is in danger"

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The 27 foreign ministers of the European Union have arrived in kyiv to hold a historic meeting. At the forefront, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, sends a message in two directions: one inward, to counter pro-Kremlin narratives in Brussels, which says: “If Russia wins the war, the EU is in danger.” The other, towards the very heart of Moscow: “We are going to support Ukraine regardless of what happens on the battlefield.”

Yes, this summit is important because of the content, since from here will come the support plans for Ukraine for this winter, which is expected to be tough in the face of the attacks on civil infrastructure that Russia will presumably launch, but also for the continent: if Vladimir Putin has prepared its industry and its economy to sustain a long war, the EU comes to Kiev to counteract that strategy.

The message is forceful: “Unconditional support for Ukraine” and has been repeated by the majority of Foreign Ministers upon arrival at the Intercontinental hotel in the Ukrainian capital. Furthermore, Brussels wants to know first-hand the reform processes that have begun, despite the Russian invasion, to begin its path to entry into the European Union.

“This summit is convened in the context of the Spanish Presidency of the European Union. We must not forget that we are in the capital of a country massacred by barbarism and by the illegal and unjustified aggression of Russia,” said the Foreign Minister. Spanish, José Manuel Albares. “This morning we will have the opportunity to speak with Dimitro Kuleba, Foreign Minister of Ukraine, to convey to him that we will do everything possible to ensure that peace returns to his country accompanied by its territorial sovereignty, as well as our fight against impunity.”

Furthermore, Minister Albares assured that he has met with the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court “to influence the investigation of war crimes such as the murder of the Spanish aid worker Emma Igual”, director of the NGO Road to Relief, whose car was bombed. for Russia.

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