Juan Ortega and Pablo Aguado, classic bullfighting justifies their duel

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On the way to Torrejón, the dark clouds came treacherously along the A2 towards the arena. Fifteen minutes before the start of the paseíllo a downpour of water charged hard on the albero. The start was delayed and some spectators fled the arena soaked. The beginning of the gypsies for an art poster.

The well-conceived heads-up brought together the two heirs of classic bullfighting with three stud farms. Those of El Pilar stood out -the third of superlative class- and that of Murube-the second of special gesture-.

Pablo Aguado was the numerical winner with four ears in an afternoon in which that was the least of it. The Murube bull, with a neck to dream of bullfighting, humiliated in a very special way. So much so that Aguado curdled him with his cloak, rocking the charge with his arms. He removed the last of them by winged chicuelinas, of infinite tempo and invited Ortega to enter into quites. Aprons that were caresses. Aguado replied with closed-compass veronicas. The bull picked up rhythm on the crutch and Aguado fought him at will, easy, natural. Very upright in round rights that had no end. Of more carats the natural feet together hooking and releasing the onslaught. The two-hand closure was very luxurious.

The highest quality of the lot of Juan Ortega and was that of El Pilar. A pendant of charms, for its finesse and its harmony. He could not fight him comfortably with the cape due to the characteristic rounding off of the raboso. In the crutch the class went to more, already with the sustained forces. Ortega curdled it in two exquisite batches of beautiful embroque with the leg in front. The task went through ups and downs before a wonderful finish and a sword blow.

Aguado’s afternoon was one of superiority over his lot, of maturity, of evolution. The Sevillian took advantage of the good embroque of the distracted Rehuelga. With the night on the Torrejón square more evident due to the bad lighting, he did very nice things to El Pilar who closed the afternoon with humiliation but without continuity. The end knee on the ground, to remember.

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