Juli dictates a solo lecture on the return of the bulls to Gijón: eight ears and tail and a pardon

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El Bibio was waiting for El Juli with his name written in white on the dark sand of the arena, and a legend: XXV aniversario. Conceived of the solitary bullfight as the commemoration of a quarter of a century at the top, which is the very time of his alternative, the events gave it a major relevance, turning it into the goodbye to Gijón.

And so, with that feeling of farewell, the applause of the Asturian fans broke out, standing up when the paseíllo broke ranks. Juli, dressed in a Nazarene and silver, with a fine waist and sharp gestures, came out with hat in hand to reciprocate so much affection, so much respect. The true correspondence would come with a spherical afternoona teaching class, the chair of a lifetime.

A compendium of his early, powerful and rich bullfighting, which has not been just one -and therefore not always recognized: nothing happens Roberto Domínguez, don’t be tiresome at this point in the film-, appraised over the years .

We agreed in the different interviews this year with El Juli in EL MUNDO that great bullfighters must be seen at their beginnings and at their ends, when the circle closes and dreams come true. As if they were the ends of a rope that is tied and gives meaning to everything pursued.

The maestro illuminated the day with the illustrious intelligence with each bull, the fineness of the pulse to give each one his own, the precision. He alternated in the trunk of the essential bullfighting the classicism of the verónica, the variety of the quites -caleserinas, tijerillas, chicuelinas, zapopinas; he only forgave removals to the fourth and fifth-, the achieved version of naturalness without sacrificing depth, the power when it was demanded, and the reunion with the effectiveness of the sword, other and so many times treacherous. Gijón joined the consecutive apotheosis of Pontevedra and San Sebastián in this hour of goodbye. The umpteenth lesson.

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