Jupol loses half its support and ties with the SUP in the union elections in the National Police

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Jupol has lost support in the union elections held this Wednesday in the National Police and has tied four members with the SUPwhich was until 2019 the majority union.

According to police sources, Jupol goes from eight members to four, although in these last elections he is running in alliance with ASP. The SUP is recovering ground and of the two current councilors it now has four.

The rest of the representatives in the Police Councilbody for dialogue with the General Directorateare divided between SPPwith two directors (one member at the executive level and another at the top), two from CEPone of UFP and one of FEATURE (Equiparación Ya), which was presented for the first time with natan espinosa at the head, the one who was the leader of Jusapol.

In a statement, Jupol has denounced “dirty play” by the Ministry of the Interior and its head, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, although it has stressed that it continues to be the union with the most votes in the basic scale, the most numerous, covering 85% of the workforce. . “We repeat as the most voted union force with 16,000 ballots, compared to the SUP with 9,000,” he highlighted.

The SUP, for its part, has celebrated its “electoral success” by “recovering the position of majority union.” This union obtains two vowels for the basic scale, one for sub-inspector and the fourth for the executive scale.

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