King Felipe and Doña Letizia rent a boat ‘made in Spain’ for their holidays in Palma

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Felipe VI has rented a boat for the entire week of regattas so that the Royal Family can use it. As EL MUNDO has confirmed, it is a ship of 15 meters in length with which they want Doña Letizia and her daughters to resume a custom of the Royal House that is far removed, however, from the ancient uses.

But to get to the rent you have to go back ten months. Last October, the King inaugurated the Barcelona boat show on the occasion of its 60th anniversary. In the tour that he did, he got to know the Deantonio Yatch, a company founded in Barcelona in 2012 by Mark of Antonio that designs, produces and markets recreational boats made in Spain. Don Felipe was able to hear the success story of this national business linked to the world of navigation and that triumphs in 44 countries.

Months later they contacted them to find a boat for this summer and that is how they arrived at Higuerón, an Andalusian company that rents the Deantonios and had the ideal boat. Last March he had acquired the model D50 cut, a top-of-the-range 50-footer with concealed outboard motors, one of the Deantonio’s core capabilities and turning the boat into a ship fast and stable at once. This boat is rented for 2,500 euros per day, a price that does not include gasoline, with a 1,500-liter tank. Intermediaries from the Royal House have closed the contract for the Higuerón to sail through Palma this week, after making the corresponding payment.

The boat is not moored at the Real Club Náutico but in another port for security reasons. Among its characteristics, it has the capacity to take 12 people on deck and two cabins to accommodate four. In addition, it has a small bathroom and the best qualities.

Don Felipe and Doña Letizia take another step in consolidating the new stage of the Royal Family, of the “monarchy renewed for a new time“, as the King said in his Proclamation speech. Thus, while they opt for rent His boat, Don Juan Carlos, always sailed on yachts that were given away and later transferred to National Heritage. Known were the ships Fortuna, that the Emeritus had four in a row with the same name. One of the best known was the 41.5 meter long one that the rey Fahd gave to Don Juan Carlos in 1979.

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