King Juan Carlos wins against Corinna and the British Court files the harassment lawsuit

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The British Court has archived the lawsuit that Corinna Larsen filed against King Juan Carlos, in which she asked for 146 million euros for harassment. The decision was made known this Friday, October 6, and ends a judicial process that has lasted more than a year. “My main conclusion is that the High Court of England and Wales lacks competition to hear about this claim. This is because it has not been filed against the defendant in their country of domicile, as is their default right; and the plaintiff it hasn’t convinced me that you have solid and defensible arguments that your claim falls within an exception to that predetermined rule,” says the judge, Collins Ricein the ruling.

Given this, Corinna has shown herself “deeply disappointed” by the judge’s decision, which also concludes that “if he had the capacity to judge this case, I would have rejected it for several reasons,” among them, she alludes to the “inconsistency” of their arguments and the numerous changes in version. For Corinna, “it is disheartening to see that victims of harassment often struggle to find justice,” she lamented in a statement sent According to her, “harassment has a profound and lasting impact on people and it is crucial that our legal processes provide adequate resources to those who have suffered it.”

Despite the ruling of the London Court, Corinna insists on her argument. “The intimidation towards me and my children continues and aims to completely destroy me. Juan Carlos has unleashed his entire arsenal to wear me down and The scope of his power is immense.“.

As you have known THE WORLD, King Juan Carlos is happy with the thoroughness of the sentence, which over 92 pages rejects each argument one by one. The legal team of the Emeritus has issued a statement in which they assure that “although His Majesty Juan Carlos regrets the expenditure of energy and resources that this complaint has entailed, he is nevertheless pleased with the decision of the Superior Court of Justice, which , as expected, confirms his innocence.”

“In order to allow the courts to continue their work with complete serenity, His Majesty has voluntarily exercised the maximum discretion throughout the trial and, therefore, has refrained from making any public comments,” they recall.

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