Kings Felipe and Letizia visit Margaret of Denmark, the most experienced queen in Europe

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In November in Copenhagen, the sky seems to be permanently overcast. And the paving stones of the sidewalks, always wet. You see few cars on the street and people prefer to bike or walk. Everyone dresses in neutral tones, no one seems out of place. Even the mix between avant-garde and more traditional architecture combines with each other. Denmark, the sixth most advanced democracy in the world, is looking to Spain these days and the red flags have become one more element around Amalienbourg, the official residence of the royal family where this Monday the first state visit of Don Felipe and Doña Letizia to the country.

There was great desire on the part of the two monarchies for this meeting to materialize. According to diplomatic sources, since Felipe VI was proclaimed King in 2014, Denmark was put on the table as one of the priority countries to visit. But covid and the queen’s subsequent back operation Margarita They forced the meeting to be postponed on several occasions.

This Monday, finally, at two in the afternoon, it happened. Don Felipe and Doña Letizia, accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, arrived at the city airport. Surely the memories came flooding back to the Kings’ heads when they got off the plane, because he does of decades They landed in the same place to attend the wedding of the crown princes, Federico y Mary.

Felipe was then Prince of Asturias and Queen Letizia Ortiz was still, well they were engaged but they had not married. That wedding was her presentation to Doña Letizia’s Gotha, where she rubbed shoulders with all of her peers for the first time.

On November 6, 20 years later, the Kings were received by Queen Margaret and her children, Frederick and Mary of Denmark. They have shown the good tune of years of relationship. Felipe has known Federico since he was little, with whom he became friends thanks to the cousin they have in common. Pablo from Greece. Because Margaret of Denmark is the sister of Ana Maria of the Hellenes, sister-in-law of Queen Sofia and mother of Pablo de Grecia. After the greetings, Queen Margaret and the Kings of Spain arrived in Amalienbourg by carriage, escorted by the horse squadron of the Guard Hussar Regiment from Kastellet to the Palace of Christian VII.

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