kyiv unites the twenty-seven in Toledo

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The defense ministers of the 27 exhibited yesterday the Union’s superiority in space with a meeting at the Satellite Center. It is a reserved place within the Torrejón Air Base from where all the satellites that the European Union has deployed are controlled. “The eyes of Europe”, as defined by the high representative of the Union, Josep Borrell, who chaired this meeting, with which the acts of the inter-ministerial meeting of Toledo on the occasion of the European Presidency of Spain.

Currently, 85% of the satellites deployed in space are European. This supposes an autonomy of the EU, as well as an advantage at the level of aerial intelligence with respect to other countries. As Borrell has reported, every year the activity of this Satellite Center increases, and this 2023 they believe that they will issue 5,000 reports, many of them with images obtained in just 24 hours. “We need to know what happens, especially when there is a war,” acknowledged the high representative.

Because the Russian invasion of Ukraine it has conditioned the entire foreign policy of the European Union and the entire world, divided into two blocs. That is why continuing to support Zelenski will be the focus of the informal inter-ministerial meetings that the Defense and Foreign Ministers will have today and tomorrow in Toledo.

Already yesterday in Torrejón the subject on which part of the conversations focused was Ukraine. “The entire EU is supporting Ukraine and we will continue to do so, because by supporting Ukraine we are supporting the values ​​of peace, freedom and democracy,” said the Spanish Defense Minister, Daisy Roblesafter the meeting of the Satcen Board of Directors, where 18 ministers of the 27 of the Union were present.

This European center based in Spain serves to provide information to the entire European Union, as well as to the countries that request help from the corporation. “Thanks to this we have a precise vision of what is happening in Ukraine, we can keep our knowledge of what is happening in the South, in the Mediterranean and in Africaespecially in the Sahelhe Gulf of Guinea or the Indian Oceanand respond quickly and effectively to critical situations, such as the need to evacuate European citizens from conflict zones, as has recently happened in Sudan y Niger», described the minister.

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