Lil Cake: "I must be the first artist to get insulted for touring"

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You may not know the name of the song and even less who sings it. But if you have children or have gone out to a party in recent months, it is almost certain that at some point you have heard the refrain that repeats over and over again. ‘in the Mercho, listening to Ferxo, today I want to sleep but lying on your chest’.

Behind this catchy theme that unites cumbia and reggaeton is valentino labordea 19-year-old Argentine with curly hair who thought it was a good idea to freely translate the word ‘pancake’ into English Lil Cake for his stage name.

He says that the stanza arose one day lying in bed at home. A fun rhyme that translated into words understandable by all is ‘in the Mercedes listening to the Colombian singer Feid’. Although, of course, it is much less funny.

already accumulates 393 million views on platforms and he has managed to get Lil Cake to collaborate with renowned urban singers like Ozuna or up to 18 concerts in Spain. “I must be the first artist to be insulted for touring”he says half jokingly half seriously as he passes through Madrid.

And it is that when he announced the dates of his shows on the peninsula through Twitter, the calendar instantly went viral. From Salou to Seville and back to Barcelona in just three days for two weeks after jumping from Lleida to Huelva and back to Girona.

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